Board of Directors

Roles and Positions

1. President* 

2. Vice President* 

3. Administration Manager* 

4. Finance Manager* 

5. Treasurer* 

6. Safety & Transportation Manager 

7. Environment Manager 

8. Public Spaces & Development Manager 

9. Membership Co-Manager – Individual, Family, Associate

10. Membership Co-Manager – Business, Comp, Trade

11. Webmaster 

12. Chill on the Hill Project Manager

13. Volunteer Coordinator 

14. Marketing & Design Manager 

15. Community Events Manager 

16. Past President* 

*Executive Committee members 

General Responsibilities

  • Be accountable and serve the public good
  • Be a good steward of BVNA resources 
  • Attend monthly Board of Directors Meetings 
  • Attend quarterly Member Meetings 
  • Provide necessary and relevant communication regarding position for internal board use,  communications to constituents, and website updates 
  • Volunteer for various committees, events, and neighborhood initiatives, as needed Get to know other committee members and build a collegial working relationship that contributes to  productivity and amicability 
  • Respect individual worth and dignity, ensure all actions are respectful of individuals, and promote  inclusiveness, social justice, and diversity 
  • Assist in proper documentation necessary for central files, position descriptions, and transition  materials 
  • Follow processes and procedures outlined in bylaws
Additional Resources

Contact the Board:

2024 Directors:

Nickie Rouleau

Jake Hanke
Finance Manager

Josh Ehr
Public Spaces & Development Manager

Tadd Rozwadowski

Volunteer Coordinator

Betsy Reuteman
Webmaster/Marketing & Design Manager

Angela Stoehr
Vice President

Spencer Keebler

Samantha Ziolkowski
Membership Subcommittee

Deba Briscoe

Safety & Transportation Manager

Jess Gebhardt
Chill on the Hill Project Manager

Jeff Folstad
Administrative Manager

Alyx Birmingham

Environmental Manager

Kate Fowdy
BVNA Events Manager

Sarah Jones
Membership Manager

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