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Fundraising efforts

We have some exciting updates to share with you today about the south shore park playground fundraiser.  After a successful kickoff in August, we reached $15,000 in total funds raised - half our goal!  

Since then, Bay View Neighborhood Association has committed to match up to $7,500!  We are so grateful for their support for this project and will be launching this newest campaign soon, with a target to reach the full match amount.  If this next match campaign is successful, our goal of raising $30,000 by the Fall will be met!  

Fund Play Day

The summer has come to an end, but Fall is arguably the best time to be at South Shore Park!  We will be having a Fund Play Day in early October at the playground.  This will include face painting, bubbles, music, a raffle, and more.  If you'd like to get involved with Fund Play Day planning, complete this form to connect with us.

Status of the playground

You may remember the image from our last newsletter, a beloved slide boarded off and covered in caution tape.  The good news is the county swiftly fixed the slide, and it can be used again!

The extraordinarily beautiful weather this month has meant hundreds of kids from around the City are coming to play at South Shore Park playground each weekend.  With the heavy usage of the already deteriorated turf, the overall condition of the playground is worsening. 

Milwaukee county originally gave us a rough budget estimate for a full playground replacement - about $300,000, which helped us set the $30,000 goal (10% of the project).  A more detailed assessment by the county has led to a much higher estimate - close to $600,000.  This may mean the project will not get funded in 2022, even if it is a priority.

So what's next?

By October 1st, we will know whether or not the south shore park playground project will be included in the 2022 county budget.  Due to our fundraising efforts and success, the request amount was able to be modified from $600,000 to $550,000 to help improve the chances of getting approved.  This means, if approved, we will increase our fundraising goal to $50,000 and have until Spring to raise the funds. In the meantime, the county process for new playground design would begin.

If this project is not approved in the county budget for 2022, we will work with Supervisor Ryan Clancy to submit a budget amendment request. If the amendment request does not go though, we will keep going, and look ahead to an approval for 2023.

Either way, the fundraising and community outreach efforts are critically important.  Our efforts help the county's limited dollars go farther and demonstrate the great amount of community support for Milwaukee's favorite destination playground. 

More to come

We will be in touch again very soon with more information on the new match campaign, Fund Play Day, and more.  In the meantime, we are always accepting donations through PayPal giving or by check.

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