What is the Bay View
Neighborhood Association?

What does the BVNA do?

Where does the BVNA spend its money? Where do the membership dues go? UPDATES! Click here!

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Our Volunteers Rock!

Do you want to help make every Tuesday the event of the season?  We could use your help to run Chill on the Hill each week.

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Register Here for our NEW Winter Blast Snow Ball (21+ only please)

Here is the 2015 BVNA t-shirt! You can get them at Winter Blast Snow Ball at the BVNA table for a $15.00 donation. Big thanks to Sarah McCann for the fantastic design!


As an effort to build stronger ties between Bay View's schools and the community, please consider attending a concert, or a basketball game, or any of these events on this MPS District Events Calendar!


Attn:  Bay View Neighborhood Association

PO Box 070184, Milwaukee, WI  53207

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