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Chill on the Hill policies and FAQs

Since it's inception, Chill on the Hill has grown from a relatively small event to the hottest outdoor concert series in the city, regularly drawing 2,000 to 3,000 neighbors to Humboldt Park. As the event has become more popular, the all-volunteer staff of the Bay View Neighborhood Association, which puts on the event, decided that is was time to put some of the event’s policies and procedures in writing.  These policies are subject to change, so please check in frequently.

The Bay View Neighborhood Association wants to remind everyone that being neighborly is the first priority at Chill on the Hill.  You are encouraged to talk to each other if issues arise, and that kindness is expected from all parties.  

Please read through the paragraphs below and familiarize yourself with Chill policies:

Chill on the Hill is a smoke-free event. Smokers are asked to move to the outer ring of the Hill to smoke. This includes e-cigarettes and vapor cigarettes. Please dispose of cigarette butts in designated receptacles located on either side of the Hill.

Lost children

Periodically parents and children lose track of each other at Chill, so to help facilitate safe and timely reunions, Ebenezer Child Care Centers, Inc. has graciously agreed to host a child-parent reunion area. Ebenezer will set up a tent near the stage and parents and children are asked to check the parent-child reunion area if they become separated.

Parents are encouraged to have an emergency plan and establish a “home zone” and make sure everyone knows how to find it if they get separated. Parents may also consider writing their name and cell number on the child’s arm or on a sticker on the child’s shirt.

Well-behaved, leashed dogs are welcome at Chill, but they must remain under the owner’s control and on a short leash at all times. Owners must clean up after their dogs. If a dog is disruptive or aggressive and detracts from others’ enjoyment of the concert, the owner will be asked to take the dog home. 

We ask that you strongly consider a number of factors when deciding to bring your dog:

1.  No dog is 100% controllable.  Please consider the risk to others of bringing your dog. 

2. Is your enjoyment of Chill on the Hill solely dependent on you bringing your dog?  Other guests may not enjoy your dog as much as you do, so please keep that in mind.

3. How crowded will it be on the Hill, and can you handle your dog in a very crowded space? 

4. Will you have your hands full with other things?  Kids, strollers, picnic baskets, chairs, etc…

5.    Are you willing and able to keep your dog on a short leash and close to you at all times?  Please use a fixed leash only.  No retractable leashes.

6.  Is your dog reactive to other dogs?  Is your dog reactive to people?  Is your dog reactive to kids?  Are you unsure how your dog will behave in a large crowd?  If you answered yes to any of these, then Chill on the Hill is not the place for your dog.   Please leave your dog at home.  

To all guests:  Please use caution when approaching a dog, and make sure ask permission to pet a dog.  


Wisconsin weather is unpredictable, and we may not know if we have to cancel a concert until the very last minute. We make every effort to have a concert as planned, as there is no rain-out location. As long as the sound company and band feel that they can provide a good show in a safe environment, the show will go on. But if there is lightning or weather that would be dangerous to our crew, the performers or our audience, or will damage our equipment, we will cancel the concert. We’ll communicate any cancellations through the BVNA website, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Promotions and passing out materials
Chill is made possible through the financial support of many generous sponsors who pay for the ability to promote their businesses at the event. For this reason, only permitted sponsors and vendors are allowed to sell, present or hand out promotional materials at the event. Unauthorized groups will be asked to leave the Chill area.  Contact our Sponsorship Chair at for information on how to become a sponsor.

Tents and roped-off areas
It is not permitted to set up tents or rope off areas of the hill. If you would like to make arrangements for an area for your group event, contact our Sponsorship Chair at

Grilling is not allowed at Chill on the Hill.

Carry-Ins are allowed, and food and beverages are available for purchase from authorized vendors. 

Chill generates a large amount of waste each week, and we are committed to minimizing the amount going into landfills. We ask that you support our efforts to be an environmentally conscious event and take an extra minute to separate out your paper, glass, cans and plastic containers and dispose of them in one of the single-source recycling bins provided.

Milwaukee County Parks provides an ATM near their food trucks. 

Recreational activities
For the safety and enjoyment of everyone at the event, we ask that you take all recreational activities (such as biking, rollerblading, skateboarding, playing catch, etc.) off the hill and away from the Chill crowds.  Bike parking is available at the South Shore Cyclery Bike Spot. 

Drone flying is not permitted at Chill on the Hill. The Federal Aviation Administration does not permit flying drones near or over people. The FAA also prohibits flying drones within 5 miles of an airport without permission from the airport. Humboldt Park is 3 miles from Milwaukee’s General Mitchell International Airport.

POLICY UPDATES: The BVNA may modify or add to these policies as needed. Information current as of June 26, 2017.

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