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The Bay View Historical Society is hosting a poetry event called "Newfangled Traditions" presented by Anja Notanja Seiger, Freesia McKee, KJ Prodigy, Keith Gaustad, and Molly Snyder.  Join our neighbors on Sunday March 30th at 4 pm. This is the first in a monthly series of performance events offered at Beulah Brinton House.  No admission but donations welcome for the poets.      





As an effort to build stronger ties between Bay View's schools and the community, please consider attending a concert, or a basketball game, or any of these events on this MPS District Events Calendar!


Remember that survey you might have taken a couple months ago?  Here are the results!  It's interesting to note that the two main areas of concern are quality of education and safety.  Movie theatres and hotels are desired in Bay View.  And Chill on the Hill remains a favorite.  Thanks to all who participated!


Truancy Alert
There has been a noticable increase in problems associated with student truancy at Bay View High School/Middle School. These problems include drug activity, loitering on city streets, in alleys, and around businesses, and especially, vandalism to park facilities.
Official school hours are from 8:45 am to 3:55 pm.
Unaccompanied minors not in school during these hours should be reported immediately to the TABS ( truancy abatement and burglary suppression) Mobile Unit at 559-2669. Businesses, likewise, should actively discourage the presence of students on their premises during school hours. 
Any iIllegal activity should  be reported to the Police (933-4444) or Sheriff's departments (226-7000).
For any emergencies dial 911.
Addressing these issues requires the help of all Bay View residents. Please do your part.
.VISIT OUR PUBLIC SAFETY PAGE for more useful information.

Attn:  Bay View Neighborhood Association

PO Box 070184, Milwaukee, WI  53207

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